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ESA BIC Denmark is a leading space-related incubator with a mission to build and strengthen a thriving community of successful start-ups in Denmark. As the 21st member of the European Space Agency’s pan-European network of Business Incubation Centres, we provide support to 40 ambitious start-ups during the period of 2020-2024.

Led by The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in partnership with the Danish Ministry for Higher Education and Science, University of Aalborg, University of Aarhus, The Danish Industry Foundation, and other prominent organizations from academia, science parks, industry, and Danish government agencies, we strive to drive innovation and growth within the space industry in Denmark.

ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BIC)

The goal of ESA BICs is to generate job opportunities and stimulate economic growth. ESA BICs transforms space-related business concepts into successful commercial companies by offering technical expertise and business development support.


At ESA BIC Denmark, one of our key goals is to create opportunities for cross-fertilization between our incubated start-ups and established space and non-space companies. This includes facilitating the exchange of technologies between space and non-space sectors and encouraging the increased use of space-based services in non-space industries. These efforts directly align with the Danish government’s national space strategy to drive private sector growth.

3 regional hubs


The DTU-led ESA BIC DK collaboration consists of alliances of businesses, science parks, and knowledge institutions from every region of Denmark. In the regions with the greatest potential for R&D, existing industry, and high-tech entrepreneurial ecosystem synergies, three ESA BIC DK incubation centres have been established:

  • Aalborg in the North Denmark Region with the University of Aalborg (AAU) as the ESA BIC DK business incubation partner
  • Aarhus in the Central Denmark Region with the University of Aarhus (AU) as the ESA BIC DK business incubation partner
  • Lyngby in the Capital Region, where DTU hosts ESA BIC DK management while being the regional business incubation hub for the Capital Region, Region Zealand and Region of Southern Denmark

The Danish ESA BIC operates regional incubation hubs to support new space startups across Denmark. These hubs not only provide geographical support for startups, but also promote cross-collaboration among them on a national level.

ESA BIC Denmark has received a midterm evaluation by Iris Group. To learn more, click on the link below.

NB. It is in Danish.​

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