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Estimate next season`s agriculture crop output

Danish company Fieldsense is developing an AI-powered service using satellite data to predict agricultural production. Co-funded by ESA.

Danish FieldSense is researching, developing and delivering advanced solutions to the agricultural industry – with a focus on using remote sensing data from Earth Observation satellites combined with the company`s proprietary weather stations.

In 2021, Fieldsense started a project to use AI to analyse satellite imagery to detect, map and quantify various types of crops. The solution will make it possible to calculate potential total crop production and estimate the performance based on crop health. This can provide valuable forecast of the quantity and quality of coming seasons’ crop output to the benefit of agro-industrial companies, commodity traders as well as policy decision makers.

The Fieldsense development was started in 2021 with a € 60.000 75% co-financing by ESA for the initial feasibility study, with a follow-on ESA co-funded demonstration project of around € 500.000. ESA BIC Denmark facilitated the start of this project by supporting project development and fundraising

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