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Secure safe container transport worldwide

Danish SME company Pinpoint Tracking is using satellite navigation and satellite communication to provide monitoring of containers worldwide. Co-funded by ESA.

Using satellite-based navigation and communication, Danish Pinpoint Tracking is developing automated worldwide shipping container tracking services for shipping companies by use of IoT units placed on the individual containers. The IoT units continuously monitors the exact position of the container, together with additional data such as internal temperature, and transmits this via a satellite communication link to the shipping company.

The IoT device will also continuously verify that the container follows exactly its predefined shipping route and if this is not the case, issue alerts to the shipping company, with its new (not expected) position.

The Pinpoint development was started in 2022 with a € 60.000 75% co-financing by ESA for the initial feasibility study. ESA BIC Denmark facilitated the start of this innovative use of satellite data by facilitating project development and fundraising.

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